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  • Kevin Woods (Equity Release Specialist)
  • Financial Security

    What can you use Equity Release for?

    Financial Security

  • Holiday

    What can you use Equity Release for?


  • Home Improvements

    What can you use Equity Release for?

    Home Improvements

Perhaps you would like to fund home improvements, lifestyle enhancements or that dream holiday. Maybe you need cash to supplement your income, pay off debts or to help your children onto the property ladder. Equity Release can be the route to all of these financial goals, as it unlocks the money currently tied up in your property.* We would be happy to discuss your situation in confidence, and without charge or obligation of any kind.

*A lifetime mortgage is secured against your home. It will reduce the value of your estate and may affect your entitlement to state benefits.

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“We have recently taken out Equity Release after months of reviewing different companies and schemes on offer. We then spoke to Kevin Woods and he soon put our minds at rest. With Kevin's help we finally chose the right scheme for us. Kevin was always available when you had questions to ask,would highly recommend his services. ”

John & Jenny Lock, Surrey

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What is Equity Release?

Equity Release is the ideal, tax-free solution for those of us who are cash-poor but property-rich. Equity Release involves unlocking cash that is tied up in your property, cash on which you pay no tax but which you can spend in exactly the way that you choose.

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Why use Kevin Woods?

There are many Equity Release experts out there, so why should you consider talking to me as opposed to anyone else? The first thing I would say is, please do talk to someone! It is so important to identify firstly whether Equity Release is right for you, and secondly, which plan will work best for your circumstances and your future.

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See how much you can borrow

For a guide to the maximum amount you could potentially release from your home, why not ask us now? Totally without obligation, this service gives you an indication of the amount of money that could be available based solely upon the value of your property. The actual amount will also be dependent upon your age (or age of the youngest homeowner) and your health situation.

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Not all applications get processed but the outstanding level of service remains the same.

‘I was thrilled with the service I received from Kevin, even though in the end my equity release application was not able to go ahead.’

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Equity Release paid off my interest only mortgage and will allow me to retire early!

The thought of having to stay in her job for the next 14 years to make monthly mortgage repayments inspired Mrs B to release the equity in her property to gift her the financial freedom she long deserved.

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Equity release - when your pension income just isn’t enough to pay for your retirement years.

When Mrs K realised that she needed to find more money because her pension income was not enough to afford her daily living costs, she made enquiries about Equity Release and was happily surprised by what she found out.

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Equity Release Myth Busters!

17th May 2021

The equity release market is experiencing significant growth nowadays as more and more people are seeing the benefits of releasing equity from their properties as a way to access the funds they need in their retirement years.

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