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How to release the equity in your property

4th October 2023

Use the value that has built up in your home over the years and fund a wealth of new experiences!

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Recovery in the equity release market - Optimistic but cautious.

25th September 2023

Things are looking optimistically optimistic for the equity release market.

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Equity Release market responds to cost of living crisis

18th September 2023

Aware of current financial challenges, the equity release market creates innovative new products to help customers

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More pensioners are turning to equity release to help them through the cost of living crisis

7th August 2023

Thousands of older people are at risk of seeing their retirement plans jeopardised due to the current struggles with the economic climate

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Can equity release help with ever-increasing mortgage repayment costs?

23rd June 2023

Alleviating the burden of rising interest rates: exploring equity release for Over 55s

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Financial challenges for women in retirement

5th June 2023

Women may find themselves approaching retirement with insufficient funds to finance the lifestyle they desire - could equity release be an option?

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Do you feel connected to your finances?

10th March 2023

In a world of increasing uncertainty, feeling connected to your finances is vital.

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God Bless Queen Elizabeth II

9th September 2022

It is with great sadness that we share the nation's mourning for the sad loss of our beloved Queen Elizabeth II who left our world to join her husband Prince Philip yesterday afternoon 8 September 2022

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Financial Crisis? Equity Release is a popular option

17th August 2022

In these times of financial uncertainty and increasing austerity, more and more people are seeking to access the funds locked up in their properties to help them through .

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Switch your equity release plan today and potentially save £1000s!

5th May 2021

When was your existing equity release plan last reviewed? With current interest rates as low as 2.9% APR, a switch could save you more than you may imagine.

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What can you do to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus and keep yourself safe?

18th March 2020

It is important that we all understand how to limit the exposure of the Coronavirus and help protect not only ourselves but our vulnerable family and friends, both young and old.

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Equity Release – a gift you could give to your children

27th March 2019

Nowadays, stepping onto the property ladder for many people could seem out of reach due to the recent rise in house prices alongside a sluggish growth in wages. Gifting to your children through Equity Release could be the answer to this problem and the best gift you may ever give them.

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Could Equity Release help with your Care Costs

20th March 2019

It’s good news! Nowadays we are all living longer. However, as we get older, we may find ourselves in need of daily assistance in our own home to be able to continue living there comfortably, rather than move to a care home.

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Over 55-year olds are ambitious and young at heart!

20th February 2019

Why Equity Release is perfect for over 55-year olds.

It seems that age is no longer a barrier for the majority of our over 55-year olds and that retirement represents the beginning of a new and exciting stage of their lives rather than the end of their flourishing youth!

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Why Equity Release is perfect for over 55-year olds.

Kevin Woods wins ‘No. 1 Top Advisor Award’ yet again.

19th February 2019

When working for a previous company Kevin Woods was awarded the Number 1 position of Top Adviser in both 2018 and 2019. These awards recognise the number of sales he has achieved, the increased growth of his business, as well as the ability to offer his clients a comprehensive, honest and personal level of service which has resulted in a reputable level of customer satisfaction.

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New Year, New Resolutions… but what about your finances?

16th January 2019

How equity release can help your finances

We all love the excitement of a New Year and the thought that this year we can do it all differently – and this is particularly true when it comes to our finances. Many of us begin a New Year with the plan that this year we are going to be more financially ‘fit,’ clear our existing debts, and really understand where our finances are going every month. Yet often by February our old habits have returned, we are overspending, and more importantly, our existing debts remained untouched. We face another 11 months ahead of monetary anxiety until we decide to address our financial concerns once again next New Year.

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How equity release can help your finances

Struggling to make ends meet on your pension? Could your house help you out?

21st December 2018

Income Lifetime Mortgage

So, you have been receiving a regular monthly salary for most of your working life, and now that you have reached the age of retirement the financial security of your monthly pay slip is gone, only to be replaced by whatever form of pension plan you have, or have not, put in place. Undoubtedly your monthly income is now going to be lower than the income that you have become accustomed to; if this difference is significant, how are you going to be able to pay the bills and make ends meet each month, let alone maintain the lifestyle of eating out, buying treats for the grandchildren or going for the occasional trip to the spa that you have become used to?

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Income Lifetime Mortgage

Interest-only mortgage coming to an end? Equity Release could help pay off your existing mortgage

5th November 2018

When it comes to mortgages, there are many factors to consider. One of the most important decisions is whether to apply for a repayment mortgage or an interest-only mortgage. With a repayment mortgage, your monthly payments go towards clearing some of the original loan as well as paying the interest owed on it; with an interest-only mortgage the payments only cover the interest on the loan and you do not repay the original loan amount until the end of term.

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The Equity Release Market is growing

8th October 2018

More and more people are seeing the wealth in their properties as a way of meeting their growing personal, social and financial needs.

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Why released equity is being used for many different property funding needs

19th January 2016

Equity Release is increasingly described as retirement lending: the products themselves are evolving, as are clients’ reasons for choosing to unlock some of the equity from their home

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Pros and cons of the downsizing alternative to equity release

4th January 2016

Home owners considering downsizing should certainly be aware of stamp duty, legal, removal and estate agency fees, as well as the emotional cost of moving away from the family home, neighbours, friends and familiar local services.

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Adapting your home so that you can stay in it for life

23rd November 2015

Many people are living in homes that will not be safe or practical for them in later life, but Equity Release could fund the necessary enhancements, says Kevin Woods.

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Why it’s vital to get professional Equity Release advice

12th August 2015

Kevin Woods talks about early repayment charges (ERCs) and why it's important to get the right equity release advice

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Remembering the uses for Equity Release is CHILD’s play

11th August 2015

My clients often tell me that there are so many ways that they can benefit from equity release, that they struggle to remember them all.

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Equity release could be the answer to some of your financial questions. If you would like to know more about it, and see if it could be the right option for you, please book an appointment or request a call-back

Providers include

Pure Retirement

Equity release will reduce the value of your estate and may also affect your entitlement to means-tested benefits. You should always think carefully before securing a loan against your home.

Unless you decide to go ahead with a plan, our service is completely free of charge, as our fixed advice fee of £1,695 is only payable on completion of a plan.

A lifetime mortgage is the most popular form of equity release, and is a loan secured against your home that’s typically repaid when you pass away or go into long-term care.