Find out how the real evidence about Equity Release could help you move forward with your life

29th January 2020

How often have we let FEAR stop us from moving forward with our lives, from making a financial decision that could change our lives for the better if only we were brave enough to find out how?

When it comes to our finances we are naturally cautious. We are fearful of making a wrong decision, we don’t always trust the advice we are given, and we have stories we have told ourselves about something bad that might happen if we get involved with certain financial products.

A degree of caution can be helpful, but misinformed decisions about products that could actually be beneficial to you is unfortunate.

Some people are misinformed about Equity Release - which in simple terms is a form of loan - and fear the scaremongering stories from the past.

Equity Release nowadays is innovative, safe, regulated, accessible, and for many people has been a life changing gift.

o You retain ownership of your home

o You are advised about different ways to pay back the loan to suit your needs

o You will never owe more than the value of your property

o You can guarantee an inheritance for your beneficiaries

False Evidence about Equity Release could be stopping you from unlocking the wealth locked up in your home, and accessing the money you need to make those big life changes

  • Go on a luxury holiday
  • Buy a new car
  • Renovate the house
  • Clear your debts
  • Pay back your interest-only mortgage
  • Gift the children
  • Supplement your pension income

Equity release is simply a loan taking out against the value of your property. Your property serves as a guarantee to the lender that you have the facility to pay back the loan from the value of your house.

The beauty of Equity Release - or a Lifetime Mortgage as it is commonly referred - is that you can choose to pay back the loan, pay back the loan and the interest, or simply let the interest roll up and the value of the loan is taken from your estate when you either die or go into long-term care. Better still, the interest rates have never been so low so now is the perfect time to consider releasing some of the wealth locked up in your property to give you more money to spend on whatever you like.

For many people taking out Equity Release has been a life saving decision which they would not have been able to make had they let their fear stop them from finding out more.

It is vital that you seek advice from a professional such as Kevin Woods who can assess your situation and recommend the best plan for you, if he feels that taking out Equity Release is your best option.

Don’t let fear about something you don’t know is going to happen stop you from finding out how this pathway to financial freedom can really change your life for the better….if only you allowed it to.

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