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20th March 2019

It’s good news! Nowadays we are all living longer. However, as we get older, we may find ourselves in need of daily assistance in our own home to be able to continue living there comfortably, rather than move to a care home.

Most people have invested a lifetime of love and memories into their homes and when they get older they want to remain living in the place they have made their emotional nest and physical place of comfort. However, the body fails and the mind drags and often the ability to remain living independently in our own homes becomes a challenge. Not only does the physical environment hinder us with stairs to climb, bath tubs to negotiate, and shelves to access which seem to have grown out of reach, but the mind forgets how to follow the daily tasks necessary for comfortable existence. The options may seem simple: move to a rest home where you are looked after around the clock or stay in your own home and pay for daily help and home adaptations.

Easy to decide? Not really, as money is involved in both options and we do not all have access to the funds needed to keep us, or our family members living safely in their own homes. You could apply for funding from your local authority but if you do not meet the requirements of governmental help, you may not be able to afford essential domiciliary care costs and interior renovations, and this is where Equity Release may be able to help.

Equity Release involves taking out a loan against your property, often at very competitive rates of interest, which you can choose to pay back over a period of time or allow to roll up with the full amount being taken out of the value of the estate when you either die or go into long term care. Having access to funds which are currently tied up in your property could enable you to finance domiciliary care in the home or make necessary adaptations to the house for example by installing:

  • ground floor toilet
  • stair lift
  • fitted handrails
  • ramps
  • showers

Furthermore, the money could be used to pay for domiciliary care and the comfort of knowing that someone will regularly visit you to help with medical care, daily chores and reassuringly provide a source of regular company and conversation.
You have worked hard to create a loving home and you have every right to want to remain living in your place of emotional comfort and connection for as long as you desire. By using the funds you could release through Equity Release this strong desire could become a real possibility for your future living arrangements. You will not need to use your wings to fly from your nest, rather you can ruffle your feathers in the comfort of knowing that you are still happily at home.

If you would like to access funds to provide a regular income to pay for care costs, or money to finance property adaptations, releasing some of the equity in your property may be a welcome solution. If you own your own home, are aged 55+ and live in the UK, then why not talk with Kevin Woods on 01489 454545, or at kevin.woods@therightequityrelease.co.uk to discuss your Equity Release options in confidence and without obligation or fees of any kind.

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