Pension income, then equity release: is this the future of retirement funding?

7th January 2016

Is retirement funding becoming a two-phase process (especially in light of the pension freedoms), where retirees use their pension savings first, and then utilise equity release to cover any subsequent shortfalls?

According to new figures from the Association of British Insurers, four out of five people using pension freedoms to access their savings are under 65, with 95% of lump sums representing the full pension pot. Furthermore, statistics from the Equity Release Council show that retirees are finding their pension savings are unable to cover the rising costs in retirement. This is where equity release is proving to be an invaluable and complementary solution.

It is too early to see what long-term effects the pension freedoms will have on retirement funding, but these latest figures do suggest that more retirees are running out of their pension savings earlier than planned. Equity release could be a solution that helps many cover the resulting shortfalls in their retirement income.

You may be pleasantly surprised by how much could be released. In fact, those aged 65 and over have more than £891bn of equity in property, which means that your house could be crucial to your retirement financial planning.

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