Expert reaction to Housing Minister’s comments highlights the flexibility that Equity Release offers

18th October 2016

Housing minister Gavin Barwell’s comments at the Conservative party conference that homeowners should skip a generation and leave their wealth to grandchildren has been challenged by figures in the finance sector, including Dean Mirfin, technical director at Key Retirement, and Nigel Waterson, chairman of the Equity Release Council.

I would certainly agree with Dean and Nigel’s main point – that relying on inheritance is a fundamentally flawed financial plan, simply because one does not know when one is going to receive the money.

That scenario could easily see families become frustrated that their parents are carrying on living, thereby obstructing their much-anticipated prosperity!

Equity release the answer

The problem with inheritance is that it usually happens too late to affect one’s life in the important middle years.

Having helped scores of families realise their assets when they need money, through the judicious use of equity release, I can tell you that people really appreciate being in control of when they receive the money and what it is used for.

Equity release solves the “problem” of not knowing when and what one is going to inherit, allowing parents and grandparents to help their children and/or grandchildren financially when and how they want to.

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