Remembering the uses for Equity Release is CHILD’s play

11th August 2015

My clients often tell me that there are so many ways that they can benefit from equity release, that they struggle to remember them all.

Equity Release can indeed be the answer to so many financial questions. The list is almost endless. However, in my experience, 95% of the uses can be categorised under one of five main headings:

  • C is for Children: Equity Release can enable you to gift funds to your children, perhaps so that they can get onto the property ladder
  • H is for Home: Equity Release can enable you to move to another property in retirement
  • I is for Income: Equity Release can provide a drawdown facility to supplement your income when you need it
  • L is for Lifestyle: Equity Release can be used to fund home improvements, purchase a new car, a dream holiday or holiday home, travel to see friends and family abroad, and generally to fulfil your lifestyle dreams
  • D is for Debts: Equity Release can provide one-off lump sums to repay credit cards, loans, mortgages and all other debts

Equity Release can be an invaluable aid to all of the most important things in your life – your children, your home, your income, your lifestyle and your financial wellbeing. If you have any questions about the subject matter of this blog, or would like more information on any equity release related point, please do not hesitate to contact me in any of ways highlighted on this website.

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Equity release is the answer to so many financial questions. If you would like to know more about it, and see if it could be the right move for you, please book an appointment or request a call-back

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