Case Studies

When life throws us a big change, how financially prepared are we?

With an insufficient pension income, Mrs B knew she would have to find funds to support her retirement.

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Paying off your mortgage using equity release - the best thing I ever did!

When Mr V was assessing his finances, he found Kevin to be the best option for him and was beyond satisfied with the service he received.

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Dream boat purchased using equity release!

A lifelong ambition to own his own motorboat encouraged a gentleman from Hampshire to consider if equity release could make his dream become a reality

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I am really impressed by your work!

With plans for home improvements and family holidays, Mrs Taylor turned once again to equity release to fund her projects.

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Working with Kevin and Samantha has been such a positive experience.’

'Working with Kevin and Samantha has been such a positive experience.'

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‘Kevin bent over backwards to help me!’

Always wanting to do the best for his clients, Kevin worked until late at night to secure the best rate for his client.

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First impressions last – even 10 years later!

Over 10 years ago, Mrs Buckingham used Kevin Woods to release equity from her property to access much needed cash at that time. 10 years later she called on him again to hep her with a new predicament.

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I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Mrs Quincey was so impressed with the service she received from Kevin Woods for her first Equity Release application, that when she decided she needed to release more cash from her property, there was no question who she would contact for help.

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‘A big 10/10 for Kevin. That’s for sure!’

'A big 10/10 for Kevin. That's for sure!'

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‘It was amazing! At last, we could move into our beautiful new home!

When Anne couldn't get a mortgage in her name being newly self-employed, she turned to equity release for help.

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When your pension income just isn’t enough to pay for your retirement years.

When Mrs K realised that she needed to find more money because her pension income was not enough to afford her daily living costs, she made enquiries about Equity Release and was happily surprised by what she found out.

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It’s so lovely not having to worry about the money!

When Mr and Mrs T reached the time in their lives when they wanted to start to enjoy life a little more, they turned to some of the wealth in their property as a way to finance their later year dreams.

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Equity Release - a life changing decision!

When David and Josephine needed to find a way to pay off their existing interest-only mortgage and fund essential medical treatment, releasing equity from their property seemed to provide them with the solution they needed.

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Using Equity Release to help your loved ones

Mr S decided to unlock a tax-free cash lump sum from his property through a lifetime mortgage - the most common form of equity release - to gift to his children to help them extend and renovate their existing properties

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Equity Release paid off my existing interest only mortgage allowing me to retire early!

The thought of having to stay in her job for the next 14 years to make monthly mortgage repayments inspired Mrs B to release some of the equity in her property to gift her what she long deserved.

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Using Equity Release To Help Her Son

When Mrs P’s son asked her if she would release some equity in her property so that he could put down a deposit on a flat in his new home town in Norway, her immediate response was ‘no!’

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Why not get in touch and see how we can help?

Equity release could be the answer to some of your financial questions. If you would like to know more about it, and see if it could be the right option for you, please book an appointment or request a call-back

Providers include

Pure Retirement

Equity release will reduce the value of your estate and may also affect your entitlement to means-tested benefits. You should always think carefully before securing a loan against your home.

Unless you decide to go ahead with a plan, our service is completely free of charge, as our fixed advice fee of £1,695 is only payable on completion of a plan.

A lifetime mortgage is the most popular form of equity release, and is a loan secured against your home that’s typically repaid when you pass away or go into long-term care.