Case Studies

Equity Release paid off my interest only mortgage and will allow me to retire early!

The thought of having to stay in her job for the next 14 years to make monthly mortgage repayments inspired Mrs B to release the equity in her property to gift her the financial freedom she long deserved.

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Equity release - when your pension income just isn’t enough to pay for your retirement years.

When Mrs K realised that she needed to find more money because her pension income was not enough to afford her daily living costs, she made enquiries about Equity Release and was happily surprised by what she found out.

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It’s so lovely not having to worry about the money!

When Mr and Mrs T reached the time in their lives when they wanted to start to enjoy life a little more, they turned to the wealth in their property as a way to finance their later year dreams.

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Equity Release - a life changing decision!

When David and Josephine needed to find a way to pay off their interest-only mortgage and fund essential medical treatment, releasing equity from their property seemed to provide them with the solution they needed.

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You may not have to downsize

A couple in their late 60s who lived in a house worth £250,000 in a desirable part of Bournemouth were very worried: they thought that they would have to downsize, and move to a less attractive area, a long way away from their network of family and friends.

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Staying in the family home

A widowed grandmother whom I met, had lived in the same house for 35 years. Her pension income just covered her living expenses, so, over the years, the house had fallen into disrepair.

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Visiting family in Australia

I met a retired couple in Southampton, both of whose children had emigrated to Australia. They had not seen them for five years, and they had never even met one of their grandchildren. They simply could not afford the flights.

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Renovating the family home

When I met Sarah, she was 64 and lived in a small cottage on the Dorset coast, which she bought with her late husband three years before. The plan had been to renovate the cottage, to include an extension and extra bedrooms to accommodate visiting family and friends.

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Chance to care for a partner

A couple had to spend more on their West End bungalow than they had bargained for, and so incurred a credit card debt and an outstanding loan. The husband sadly has Parkinson’s disease. His wife worked part-time to pay for the £650 worth of care they needed every month, but she really wanted to give up work and to look after her husband herself.

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Repaying mortgage capital

A couple in their late 70s approached me in a very distressed state. Five years before, their bank had arranged an interest-only mortgage for them. Now, the bank was asking them how they were going to repay the capital in a few months’ time.

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