Kevin Woods is a member of the Equity Release Council

Equity Release Council

Kevin Woods is a member of the Equity Release Council

Kevin Woods is a member of the Equity Release Council. The Equity Release Council aims to protect the customer by putting safeguards and guarantees in place so that the customer has better knowledge, is treated fairly and is able to confidently decide whether Equity Release is right for them. The members, including lenders, who sign up to the Council, agree to abide by its code of conduct.


The Code of Conduct states that customers have the right to remain in their property for life. However, the customer also has the right to move the plan to another property without penalty if they should wish to do so. These undertakings give great reassurance and peace of mind to all Equity Release customers.


The Code further states that all customers will be provided with clear concise paperwork, which includes all set up costs, house move expenses and changes in house values. The client’s legal work will always be performed by a solicitor of their choice, who is required to sign a certificate stating that the plan and its risks have been fully explained.


The Code of Conduct also requires the Equity Release Certificate to state the costs to the client’s assets and estate. Equity Release also carries a guarantee of no negative equity. Both of these points offer valuable protection to the overall value of the client’s estate and thus to the inheritance that can be left to their beneficiaries.

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