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Ask how much you can borrow

It is no exaggeration to say that I make people’s dreams come true – or take away financial nightmares that people thought were theirs for life. Time and again, when I listen to people’s ambitions – to visit family the other side of the world – and problems – being unable to give up work to look after an ill partner – and then I explain what Equity Release can do, I see their faces light up, and, if I’m honest, their eyes fill up.

Dreams come true

A couple in Southampton had never visited their son’s family in Australia – and had never even met one of their grandchildren. They were overjoyed when I explained how Equity Release could enable them to take an extended holiday down under – as well as pay for the conservatory that they coveted, in which to enjoy the rest of their retirement.

Freedom to care

A lady in Romsey desperately wanted to give up work in order to look after her husband, who has Alzheimer’s. But they simply could not afford for her to do so. Equity Release allowed her to retire and spend her time nursing him, confident that all of their finances were in place and their home was secure.

Family matters

A couple in Winchester were comfortable in themselves, but worried about their children’s future. Their resources only just covered their own outgoings. I explained that Equity Release could unlock funds, currently tied up in their property, that could support their children, without any detriment to their own lifestyle or future security.

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