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What is Equity Release?

Ask how much you can borrow

Equity Release is the ideal, tax-free solution for those of us who are cash-poor but property-rich. Equity Release involves unlocking cash that is tied up in your property, cash on which you pay no tax but which you can spend in exactly the way that you choose.

Many uses

Apart from all of the wonderful outcomes that Equity Release can deliver for you, the concept itself has many benefits. It simply makes resources that you already own, available for your most pressing needs or desires. And because you already own the money, you do not pay tax on its transfer.

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Many plans

There is a huge range of Equity Release plans available. And they can of course be tailored to your exact requirements. Therefore we feel that it is vital for you to receive professional guidance in identifying the right plans for your exact circumstances, needs, dreams and challenges.

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Many benefits

There are as many uses for the cash released as there are plans. Our clients have used the money they have unlocked for home improvements, for holidays, for their children’s education and support, as an income supplement, for care, in order to stop work, and in order to stay in the family home for their lifetime.

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Equity release is the answer to so many financial questions. If you would like to know more about it, and see if it could be the right move for you, please book an appointment or request a call-back