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My clients see me as a safe pair of hands, a trusted advisor. I have therefore been encouraged to offer other services, such as pre-paid funeral plans and a will writing facility, that complement equity release and are particularly relevant to my clients’ circumstances.

Pre-paid Funeral Plans

A pre-paid funeral plan is an easy way to do something thoughtful and considerate for your family. A pre-paid funeral plan means that your funeral is paid for and your family does not have the worry and financial stress of this at what is already a difficult time. In addition, since the cost of the plan is fixed at today’s prices, you and your family save money, as the expense of funerals is rising much faster than inflation.

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Will Writing Service

You will probably have heard this many times before, but having a will is vital. Without a will, you basically lose control of who will inherit your assets when you die. Not having a will also lengthens the whole probate process, and means that your loved ones wait much longer to inherit from you – if indeed they actually receive any of your assets in the end.

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Review your existing Equity Release plan

Equity release plans have been around in their current format for about 15 years. Historically, the interest rates were very high in comparison to current lower fixed rates; and loan to property values were low, so smaller loans were available compared to the healthier loan to values available currently. The new plans also offer a greater flexibility, as contracts have evolved over time.

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