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Pre-paid Funeral Plans

Ask how much you can borrow

A pre-paid funeral plan is an easy way to do something thoughtful and considerate for your family. A pre-paid funeral plan means that your funeral is paid for and your family does not have the worry and financial stress of this at what is already a difficult time. In addition, since the cost of the plan is fixed at today’s prices, you and your family save money, as the expense of funerals is rising much faster than inflation.

Saving money

The average cost of a funeral in 2004 was £1,920; in 2014, it was £3,609. That is an 88% rise – well above inflation. A pre-paid funeral plan fixes the costs at today’s levels, meaning that you and your family save money, as well as stress. You can always add to your plan – different music or an extra car – though some requests will naturally incur an extra charge.


One phone call is all that is necessary to activate your plan at the appropriate time. Your family will be informed of the local nominated funeral directors who are members of the scheme. They will give your family all of the support and guidance that they need. They will arrange and conduct the funeral service. And they will be paid directly out of the pre-paid plan.


Depending on the plan that I recommend to you, your pre-paid funeral plan money is paid into a totally independent Trust Fund. The Trust is managed and has a custodian trustee who will conduct annual evaluations. You and your family therefore have the peace of mind that your money is completely safe and secure, ready for when it is needed.

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