Coronavirus Update

The safety and wellbeing of our clients and staff is always the highest priority at Kevin Woods Equity Release. Working alongside our network provider The Equity Release Experts and The Equity Release Council, we have been working hard to prepare for the potential impact of the increasing presence of the COVID-19 virus (the Coronavirus) in the UK.

This virus poses an increased risk to older people or those with pre-existing medical conditions and both the NHS and the UK Chief Medical Office have made it very clear that this group of people need increased protection. Given that we deal with a lot of people who may fall into these categories, we are taking precautionary measures to ensure both our clients and staff are kept as safe as can be.

As an industry we have decided to make adjustments to the way we conduct our Equity Release Business and all communication will now take place via the telephone and post thus eliminating the need for face to face contact and the potential spread of the virus. Whilst adjustments have been made, we can continue to ensure that our clients receive the highest possible level of customer service and satisfaction, and that all practices remain compliant with the high standards set out by The Equity Release Council.

Detailed below are the changes have been made with immediate effect.

All previous face to face communications have been replaced with telephone conversations. These include:

    • Initial free consultation
    • Fact - find to ascertain client’s personal and financial information and equity release requirements
    • Product recommendation following advisor’s research of the market
    • Application form completed over the phone between client and advisor
    • Completed application form will be submitted by the advisor
    • Appointment to survey the property will be arranged over the phone
    • Chosen solicitor will be contacted to let them know that they will be acting on your behalf
    • Up to date telephone communication will be given regarding when the issue will be offered

    All required paperwork will be sent via special delivery; this can be left at the door and you will no longer be required to sign in receipt of the delivery.

    All industry bodies involved in the process of releasing the equity from your property are working together to ensure the smooth running of the complete process and to ensure effective communication between client, advisor, lender, solicitor, surveyor and any other necessary other.

    In order to assure the security and protection, all phone calls will be recorded using special telephone systems designed for this purpose.

    Our company website, Facebook page and Google platforms will continue to be updated with relevant industry news, special offers, business events and any other notifications that need to be communicated.

    Our telephone lines, email addresses and social media platforms remain open for all communications and we will endeavour to continue to provide our customers, both existing and new, with the highest level of customer service that we have always provided.

    We look forward to working with you all in these challenging times and are here to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

    Thank you

    Working in partnership with

    Pure Retirement