Equity Release paid off my interest only mortgage and will allow me to retire early!

When Mrs B looked at her latest mortgage statement and calculated that she would need to work for the next 14 years in the same job she had already been doing for the last 40 years to finally pay off her mortgage, she realised that it was time to take action! She did not want to have to retire at the age of 74 because she was tied to monthly mortgage repayments – life was too short. Her finances needed to be reviewed to free her from the constraints of her lifelong job and costly monthly outgoings.

Mrs B had heard about Equity Release from adverts on the television and made a few phone calls to some big providers but did not like the service she received.

‘I liked the concept of releasing money from my house to pay off the mortgage but the salespeople in the big companies were too pushy for me.’

So, Mrs B decided to find a local independent ER specialist and that is when she came across Kevin Woods.

‘Kevin was so friendly and not at all pushy. He was very thorough and went over it all clearly so that I fully understood everything. In fact, I spoke with Kevin 3 times on Zoom meetings which worked really well – it was as if he was in the room with us.’

The concept of releasing equity from her property really appealed to Mrs B.

‘You have got to be organised. The money you want, or need, is sitting in your property doing what exactly?’

Mrs B has chosen a plan which allows her to make monthly repayments of her Lifetime Mortgage which suits her financial needs and enables her to leave more money in her property when the plan comes to an end.

Now that the funds have been released, Mrs B has been able to pay off her mortgage, freeing her from the tie of having to work for the next 14 years and she can happily retire at the age of 66! She has also used some of the money to pay for much needed home renovations and to buy a new car.

And what is Mrs B planning to with all her free - time? Will she be lonely? Not at all! To top it all off, Mrs B is planning to find herself a new companion – she intends to use the money to buy herself a dog!

‘I will spend my time going out for lovely long walks with my new best friend to be – now that’s something to look forward to for a change!

In these challenging times when life seems so unpredictable, when we feel out of control in our own environment, why not consider taking out Equity Release and securing some financial peace of mind for the years ahead? Call Kevin Woods today on 01489 454545 to see if releasing equity from your property is the right option for you.

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