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You will probably have heard this many times before, but having a will is vital. Without a will, you basically lose control of who will inherit your assets when you die. Not having a will also lengthens the whole probate process, and means that your loved ones wait much longer to inherit from you – if indeed they actually receive any of your assets in the end.


Sorting out a loved one’s inheritance can be a long drawn-out process at the best of times. It naturally takes time to go through possessions and assets, to clear and sell houses, and so on. If you do not have a will, the whole process is even more elongated, with the state having to decide who receives what.


Having a will not only makes it clear who will receive what, but the right advice also means that you can minimise the inheritance tax that your loved ones will have to pay. Additionally, a will creates certainty and avoids the disputes and family divisions that can unfortunately occur if there is no clear guidance.

Funeral plans

A will can also guide your loved ones on the matter of your funeral plans, as you can set out details of the flowers, the music and the readings that you would like, and even whether you want to be cremated or buried. Not having this knowledge can create huge anxiety and upset for the relations that you leave behind.

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